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Please review the information below pertaining to VNB Brow Lamination!

What exactly is VNB Brow Lamination?

A semi-permanent, non-invasive service that relaxes your brow hairs so they can stand in your desired direction. The service temporarily straightens your brow hairs and makes them more pliable so they can be easily manipulated and shaped in virtually any direction, resulting in fuller-looking, fluffier brows.


Brow lamination works on all types of hair. This new technique is actually an amazing breakthrough for brows, because a lot of people have sparse brows, that tend to grow in different directions, brows that are not flat to the face, short hairs, or unruly, coarse brows. It really transforms all these types of brow issues. Another plus is those who are trying to grow back over-tweezed brows could benefit from the service as it can act as a “comb over” for their arches. Ready to book?


-       Note: Individuals with skin allergies or a history of reactions to skin products should also be cautious when it comes to getting brow lamination


-       You are pregnant


-       You are breastfeeding


-       Have been exposed to viral infections including but not limited to COVID-19, common cold, flu, cold sores, etc.


-       You have Herpes simplex (active sore on or around area)


-       You have Psoriasis/Eczema


-       You have Alopecia


-       You had Recent eye surgery


-       You’ve had Recent PMU (permanent make-up, Microblading, Tattoo, etc.). You must wait 6 weeks after getting any PMU


-       You have Cuts/abrasions/inflammation/swelling in or around the brow area


-       You have Hemophilia


-       You’ve had Eye lift Surgery


-       You have Cancer


-       You have Sunburn in or around the brow area


-       If you have used retinol, benzoyl, AHAs or BHAs within the past month, stop the use for at least two weeks prior to your appointment.


-       Give yourself a month to book if you’ve had microdermabrasion


-       No brow maintenance for a week prior to booking (waxing, threading etc.)


-       Avoid blood thinning medications, and antibiotics for two weeks before and after treatment


-       Do not exfoliate around the brow area for a week before and after the treatment


-       Avoid prescribed Accutane for 1 year


-       If you’ve had Recent PMU (permanent make-up, Microblading, Tattoo, etc.). You must wait 6 weeks to book after getting any PMU




-       Brow lamination last for 6 weeks generally, and with proper care the brow treatment can last as long as 8 weeks.


Note: Being that there are many people who are allergic to tinting, I will tint your brows only if you’ve had prior tinting or brow coloring with no previous reactions.



- Keep brows dry for AT LEAST 48 hours


- Use brow oil daily before bed (I prefer castor oil)


- Do not apply make-up for at least 48 hours after your treatment


- NO swimming/sauna for 48 hours


-Avoid the temptation to over touch the brow area after treatment. Touching can add oils to the area (from fingers/hands) and could clog the open pores


- Do not allow prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat; the use of tanning beds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours


- No sweating/exercise for 48 hours


- Do not apply Retin-A, AHA or exfoliate around the brow area for a week before and after the treatment


- No self-tanning products should be used on the face for 48 hours after treatment


- No additional brow maintenance for a week after treatment (waxing, threading etc.)


- Do not exfoliate around the brow area for a week after the treatment


- For best results never scrub brows. Gently pat to clean brows after 48hrs

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